• 10/11/2021
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BIMSummit 2021, the SAMBA project video interviews

During the 5th edition of BIMSummit, Fabio Terragni of Alchema and Roberto Redaelli of Harpaceas talked about SAMBA in a video interview.

The SAMBA project was presented during the 5th edition of BIMSummit 2021, a national reference event for those working in the construction sector. During the meeting, organised by Harpaceas on 5th October, two video interviews were carried out to deepen the objectives and some technical aspects of the project. Watch the interviews!

Building Automation: the building becomes "smart" thanks to Artificial Intelligence and 5G

Fabio Terragni, President and founding partner of Alchema, talked about the aims of the SAMBA project (Smart and Advanced Multitenants Buildings Automation), which aims to develop digital technologies to create Smart Buildings starting from existing buildings.


Integration between Digital Twin and the BIM model of a building

Roberto Redaelli, BIM Consultant at Harpaceas, explained how the Digital twin of the project's pilot building, CoFabb in Sesto San Giovanni, was created. Harpaceas modelled the building with a GoPro, which replaced the classic laser survey, allowing greater accuracy and the creation of reliable digital 3D models.

Here you will find a video with the first surveys carried out in the field with the GoPro!
Here, a video on the creation of CoFabb's digital twin.

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