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  • 26 oct 2022

    Samba on the podium at the BIM&Digital Award 2022

    SAMBA project takes second place in the Smart Building and Cities category

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  • 17 oct 2022

    Augmented and mixed reality: the interactive demonstration to illustrate SAMBA

    On Thursday, October 13 at Co+Fabb, companies were able to "test" SAMBA with AR and MR tools provided by Harpaceas

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  • 28 jun 2022

    SAMBA project, May 2022: let's take stock

    The testing phase of the project is underway, we talk about it with Stefano Mammolito from Kalpa

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  • 10 mar 2022

    SAMBA project on Tg3

    Within the RegionEuropa column of Tg3, Flavio Barna of Kalpa and Sara Iacovaccio of Alchema presented the SAMBA project.

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  • 15 nov 2021

    How to make a building smart: the SAMBA project on Idealista News

    Idealista News interviewed Luca Ferrari, general manager of Harpaceas

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  • 10 nov 2021

    BIMSummit 2021, the SAMBA project video interviews

    During the 5th edition of BIMSummit, Fabio Terragni of Alchema and Roberto Redaelli of Harpaceas talked about SAMBA in a video interview.

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  • 15 sep 2021

    SAMBA project presented at BIMSummit 2021

    Appointment online on 5 October 2021 from 2 pm

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  • 07 jul 2021

    Two videos for a journey to discover SAMBA's sensors

    Sensors are at the heart of the project and they allow you to monitor and manage a smart building

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  • 06 jul 2021

    What is a digital twin? The video interview

    The video interview with Roberto Redaelli from Harpaceas takes us inside a digital twin and reveals all the potential of this tool

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