Kalpa, project leader, is responsible for the realization of the sensory network equipped with various technologies, with extensive use of artificial intelligence for the realization of an overall system that achieves, through machine learning procedures, its own optimal functioning. Kalpa will implement the gateways, i.e. a network of signal reception and sorting points, with the aim of covering a building without being invasive with wiring and systems. In detail, Kalpa will realize 5G, BLE, WIFI, ZigBee gateways, creating sensorial MESH networks.

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Fondazione Eucentre is mainly involved in applied research in the field of seismic and risk engineering, in order to improve existing practice in assessing and reducing the vulnerability of structures and in the definition of emergency plans. For the Samba project it will support the definition of the safety of buildings and workplaces, also providing an assessment of the vulnerability of non-structural elements - i.e. furniture components in a broad sense - present in multi-user spaces, a variable often neglected in the prevention of seismic effects.

The technological, analytical and experimental skills derive from the fact that Eucentre has coordinated national and international research programmes in the field of the resilience of buildings and infrastructure systems. It also has a latest-generation laboratory where one of the largest and most powerful vibrating tables in Europe is installed, capable of reproducing any real seismic event by testing even large-sized artefacts.

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3P technologies

3P Technologies takes care of integrating building systems by ergonomically controlling them in a user interface, with the flexibility to organize the rooms and allow HW and SW implementations. In the project it will have the task of connecting, either via cable, PC or other Audio Video source, or Wi-Fi using peripherals such as PC, Tablet or Smartphone to respond to the growing phenomenon of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). In addition, the company will be responsible for controlling all measurable and programmable parameters. If there will be a need to integrate third party systems even afterwards, the company will take care of these implementations.

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AGEvoluzione is involved in the development of circuits, cards and communication protocol. It will take care of the engineering phases of the HW and SW infrastructure and the configuration of sensors to ensure communication with mobile and wearable devices. It will analyse the information exchange system that best suits the different technologies and programming languages. The heart of the proposed solutions is AGEduino, an Arduino compatible microcontroller card, but studied and designed with features of greater versatility and power capacity.

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Harpaceas develops a basic BIM model of the building. By this definition we mean the creation of a three-dimensional digital model that presents a detailed simulation of the entire building, from the smallest components to the most relevant functions, obtaining an operational tool at the service of all digital space management activities. The company will also contribute to the study and setting up of the development of software and hardware interconnections to and from the model to activate its potential.

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ATS SpA builds the data collection&storage and data analysis infrastructure, carrying out data modeling activities: analysis of data sources (content, volumes, reports), design and implementation of the "data lake", i.e. the archiving of the vast set of data, with formats that can be very different from each other. The objective is a typical Big Data technological platform, an infrastructure that becomes the central reference point for all business or IT needs related to data analysis. In more detail: the company designs the system for data collection (Data collection), the implementation of the data acquisition and transfer components on the central processing systems, the implementation of the monitoring system to guarantee the quality and completeness of the data collected (data quality). ATS carries out the study of data analysis models for statistical, predictive and predictive analysis. It is responsible for creating the Data visualization components, i.e. BI dashboard - a digital dashboard that contains the visualization of all fundamental parameters and related reporting.

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