The SAMBA project dashboard

A simple and immediate user interface to manage the smart building. Video interview with Marco Bortolami from 3P Technologies.

The SAMBA Project's dashboard is a very intuitive software interface, consisting of a set of screens that present to the user the relevant data collected from different sources and allow rapid and effective intervention in the management of the smart building

In particular, there are two management interfaces within SAMBA. One is aimed at the end user - for example the employee of an office in the smart building. It is installed on the smartphone, is extremely easy to use and offers the possibility to perform certain actions, such as remotely adjusting the temperature in the working environment, switching temperature control systems and lights on and off or checking the status of office devices. 

The second interface is instead addressed to a 'manager' user, a figure in charge of controlling the smart building: it is a dashboard displaying a series of more articulated data to be interpreted, for example the graph of electricity consumption or the representation of the general situation of the building.

3P Technologies, within the project, is working on these two fronts, as Marco Bortolami from 3P explains. Watch the video interview!