What is a digital twin?

Roberto Redaelli from Harpaceas explains the advantages and functionalities that a digital reproduction of the physical spaces of a building offers

Within the SAMBA project - Smart and Advanced Multitenants Buildings Automation - Harpaceas is working on the creation of the 'digital twin' of CoFabb.

CoFabb is the pilot structure - of almost 5000 square metres - on which SAMBA is working with the aim of transforming the building into a smart building. More info here!

CoFabb's digital twin is a faithful virtual reproduction of the building's physical spaces and allows you to navigate inside it remotely as if you were actually there. 

Not only that, through the digital twin you can enable a series of commands that allow you to perform various operations. For example, it is possible to measure the temperature and humidity conditions in real time, switch lights on and off where necessary, adjust fan coils for heating/cooling and find out the number of people in a space.

In this interview, Roberto Redaelli from Harpaceas explains all the functions and advantages offered by the digital twin: the model presented is not yet the final one but a work in progress version. Enjoy the interview!