Remote and integrated building control

With Stefano Mammolito from Kalpa we understand the aspects that can be controlled with SAMBA inside a building and with which advantages

The SAMBA project - Smart and Advanced Multitenants Buildings Automation, is working on a large building, CoFabb. The aim is to make the structure - almost 5000 square meters and housing several companies and start-ups - a smart building. An intelligent building that can be managed with a global and remote control system. Let's imagine a sort of "dashboard", a console for interpretation and management of everything that can happen inside. With Stefano Mammolito from Kalpa we understand the aspects that can be monitored, how and with what advantages through this innovative system.

We talk, for example, about the temperature in the rooms where you work, and how it is possible thanks to SAMBA to constantly modulate an optimal level during the same day according to the outdoor climate, the indoor climate and the number of people in the room. The system allows these operations for every single space in the building, also based on predictive models and historical data. Over time it is able to characterise the entire structure and "act" on the basis of this information.

But that's not all. Let's think about the management of the systems. For air conditioner filters we are used to having "fixed" replacement deadlines that do not take into account the actual use or real wear and tear of these devices. SAMBA manages - on the basis of air quality surveys - to indicate the best time to change the filter. With positive repercussions on the economy and well-being. 

These are just some of the aspects controlled by the system, which is also suitable for other types of buildings, such as hospitals. To find out more, watch the video interview!