An earthquake proof building

Interview with Davide Bellotti 

Eucentre, the project partner, is responsible for the stability of the building. In this interview Davide Bellotti describes how Eucentre works on the data collection of the building. In the interview he refers to non-structural materials, i.e. everything that is part of the furniture in the building including the work equipment.



Simulating an earthquake, how to do it and what it's for

To understand how non-structural elements play a critical role in seismic events, the video presents an interview with Riccardo Pietrabissa and Alberto Pavese from Eucentre during a simulation. Data collected over a long period of time following earthquakes have always confirmed the dangerousness of internal structures. Particularly in workplaces where there are shelves with considerable dimensions and a load of heavy objects. An earthquake is perfectly capable of collapsing these structures with obvious and serious dangers for all personnel working in warehouses and offices.