SAMBA is a project funded under the ROP ERDF 2014-2020 of Regione Lombardia, and is one of the winning projects of the Call Hub 2019.

The SAMBA (Smart and Advanced Multitenants Buildings Automation) project aims to create a system capable of self-learning the fundamental variables that intervene in the use of the premises of an existing building, modelling its overall behaviour. SAMBA, therefore, is based on the use of artificial intelligence. 

The building becomes an ecosystem of devices and systems connected to each other, through non-invasive technologies based on the latest generation of IoT and 5G sensors, applicable to existing buildings, with economic solutions with low impact and maximum performance.  

The building will be able to activate its utilities (lighting, heating, cooling, security, access) in a predictive way and provide users with maximum environmental comfort and use of the structure. 

SAMBA was born out of the need to optimise the use of systems and common spaces, found inside buildings that host multitenant work environments, the coworking. 

The fundamental parameters will be identified in collaboration with the user-inhabitants of the buildings taken into consideration.

It will be a form of co-design: the companies and workers who daily attend the workspace, the users of shared workspaces, will be involved in living labs, interactive meetings aimed at presenting the research hypothesis, the comparison with the users, the feedback, until the testing of new hypotheses. 

SAMBA's objective is the creation of a platform for the management of the building's systems and functions. 

The project will last 30 months starting from 1 January 2020.


The main objective is to integrate the systems that make up the cognitive building: energy (energy management and consumption), entertainment (management and control of audio-video multimedia devices) and security (security&safety), to communicate with each other in an automated way through a supervision and control infrastructure, a remote building control system based on building behaviour learning, creating a modelling that takes the form of an intuitive control platform.Through the development of technological and innovative applications it will be possible to create new home and work environments that are more welcoming, safe and accessible to improve people's state of well-being, with particular attention to the elderly and disabled.


After the experimentation, dissemination and dissemination of the research results, it is assumed that SAMBA could become a solution for the remote control of autonomous building control. A standardised and user friendly system to be proposed to the market first of all in new multitenant workplaces (other coworking) and then in other families of existing buildings, such as hotels, condominiums, public buildings, shopping centres.