• 10/03/2022
  • Category: NEWS

SAMBA project on Tg3

Within the RegionEuropa column of Tg3, Flavio Barna of Kalpa and Sara Iacovaccio of Alchema presented the SAMBA projectg3, Flavio Barna di Kalpa e Sara Iacovaccio di Alchema hanno presentato il progetto SAMBA


The SAMBA project was featured in Tg3's RegionEuropa column. Flavio Barna from Kalpa, the project leader, and Sara Iacovaccio from Alchema, one of the coordinators, talked about the innovative scope of SAMBA and its technologies for making historical or existing buildings smart

They also talked about the tools made available by the European Union and the Lombardy Region to support innovation projects such as SAMBA and the importance of these projects in terms of environmental and financial sustainability.

The report was aired on 6 March 2022, here you can watch it again from minute 25!


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